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Bulgaria after 1989. The area of scientific activity became chaotic. State funding for scientific research became increasingly insignificant. Instability and low salaries forced many researchers to go into private business, which was gaining incredible momentum in the country.

Georgi Todorov, a highly qualified veterinary doctor, candidate of sciences, and lecturer in a department, ends his career at Trakia University and opens his own clinic at home.

The doctor has a family – his wife Maria (a renowned photographer) and their little daughter Nikol. The girl dreams of having a dog, but the doctor is categorically against it.

In the fall of 1994, a terrible tragedy occurred in the Todorov family. Dr. Todorov was supposed to meet his wife at the train, but got held up and was twenty minutes late.

Excerpt from a crime report: "Rape and murder in the Insurgent district"

On the night of September 16, 1994, in the Insurgent district of Plovdiv, near the railway station, an unknown assailant attacked a woman, hitting her in the head from behind with a blunt object. The victim was still conscious when the unknown committed the act of rape.
Due to the multitude of beatings and injuries, the woman died on the spot. The murderer escaped. Money and the victim's documents were missing from the crime scene.

Georgi was the first to discover his wife. The feeling of guilt for the death of a loved one clouded his mind. The distraught doctor sought revenge. Disappointed by legal methods, Georgi began his own investigation and search for his wife's killer.

With and without evidence, the doctor found people he suspected of the crime. With the help of sedatives, the doctor neutralized the offenders and took them to his laboratory.

In the laboratory, he was silent and conducted experiments on people with thoughts of revenge.

Dr. Todorov started to feel much worse. Periodically drunk to unconsciousness, he was tormented by unbearable headaches. The sense of guilt for Maria's death never left the doctor for a moment. The sense of reality was lost. An idea occurred to him – using all his years of surgical experience, to make one prisoner the guardian of his daughter, a protector – someone who could take care of her when he himself would die. Georgi knew he didn't have much time left.

Soon, the doctor died.

Nikol found him in the office on the table. First the death of the mother, now the death of the father. The fragile child's psyche could not withstand such stress. The girl went mad. The house was locked from the inside. The phone was off. There was no connection to the real world.

Nikol found the keys to her father's laboratory on his desk. In the laboratory, she found an unfinished experiment.

Implantation, drugs, mutations – all this turned a person into a weapon, controlled only by Nikol. In the end, she released him from the laboratory cage and saw in him not a vile beast, but her pet. Nikol played with him, unaware that he was the cause of this entire nightmare.

Nikol Todorova dies from starvation and unsanitary conditions.

Perhaps the reason was an infection. The doctor did not anticipate such an outcome. The creature could protect his daughter from people, but not from diseases.