A great opportunity for emotional release, a way to break away from everyday reality, test your nerves and find out how you behave in an extreme situation.



Professional actors

An important feature of our quest is that it involves professional actors. Participants forget that what is happening around them is just a game and are completely immersed in the story.


Each room is equipped with modern video and audio communication facilities, and the situation is controlled by the operator in real time.


Fear is the strongest human emotion. It, in tandem with adrenaline, makes you take a fresh look at the world around you.


from 2 to 6 players

7-8 people special option, price per person 30 leva


2 Players

BGN 35 per person

3 - 4 Players

BGN 30 per person

5 - 8 Players

BGN 25 per person

Games with a larger number of people are discussed over the phone.


If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please contact the number below.



ul. "Rayno Popovich" 2, Plovdiv



Rules of visitation

In our horror escape room in Plovdiv it is forbidden:

  1.  Participating in the game under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Taking pictures and videos, and using mobile phones, tablets, etc. during the game.
  3. Use of brute physical force against actors/staff.

Why visit our horror escape room in Plovdiv?

  • A rush of adrenaline without harm to health.
  • Entourage rooms, scary effects and sounds cannot be compared to computer games or movies.
  • Vivid impressions and emotions are guaranteed, there will be something to discuss.
  • An interesting substitute for movies and gatherings at home.
  • An unusual way to celebrate a birthday.
  • The opportunity to feel like the hero of the film.
  • A way to check who and how he will behave in danger: he will cover you with himself or run away, leaving you alone with the fear.


  • Heart problems
  • Mental disorder
  • Strong sensitivity

If you are very afraid but want to go with a team of friends, you can reduce the fear level to mild, if in this case it is very scary, then you can exit the game and watch the game with the administrator.

Dress code

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for active activities. Forbidden to pass the mission in heels.

Is our escape room suitable for Teambuilding?

Yes, the room is extremely suitable for team building in Plovdiv.

  • The opportunity to visit an unusual environment and approach problem solving in a new way
  • Development of leadership qualities and the ability to quickly react in non-standard situations.
  • New results at work after a quality rest.
  • And, of course, the opportunity to simply relax and build relationships with the team in an informal setting.